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About Us

We, Synergia Metier Private Limited, take immense pride in letting customers know about being a trusted name of the competitive market for sourcing superior quality Composting Machines etc. In and across our business location, we are famed as a manufacturer for making available an impressive product line that is served under the brand name 'Ecoleen'. Majority of our range receives repeated orders because of the high quality standards. Amongst all the products, automatic composting machines help us to take a positive step towards development of Swachh Bharat. The positive impact of this machine can be seen in its high ability to convert wet organic waste into compost.

Automatic composting machines served under our brand name 'Ecoleen', which stands for eco-friendly approach, find a large number of installations in malls, theaters, canteens, housing societies, restaurants, hospitals, schools, municipalities, etc., where there is huge generation of organic waste. Offered composting machines hold the capacity to convert organic waste into compost within 24 hours. These machines are provided in different models and capacities.

There is no denying in this fact that wet waste is big issue for the environment. To eliminate this issue from roots, our company serves composting machines. Latest technology is used in making this machine.

In the areas of Punjab, Haryana & Chandigarh, we are famed for manufacturing an impressive product line that meets high quality needs of valued patrons. Our Ecoleen branded composting machine helps Chandigarh in gaining its position among one of the swachh (Clean) cities.

Why Us?

We are a company to trust because we promise quality in the form of Composting Machines, etc., against hard-earned money of buyers. As a socially responsible company, we work hard to better the quality of environment. To do this, we follow the dream of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

No one can deny the efforts, our government is putting for correct disposal of waste, which is generated from nearly every residential, commercial and industrial space. The facility of garbage bins and trucks is falling short to meet the aim of effective disposal of waste. To contribute in this, our company came into being as a supplier of quality composting machines, which are popular with the brand name, Ecoleen. Machines, which hold high capacity to convert the form of organic waste into the form of compost.

Installation of our composting machines can reduce around 80% amount of organic waste. Using magical blue technology, composting machines can perform the converting process within 24 hours. Compost produced by machines is recyclable. This whole process is a major step towards making a clean India.

Our Strength, Our Brand

Every small particle on this earth is high on energy. Synergia Metier Private Limited is an active participant in the art of converging diverse energies. With the help of composting machines, which are served under the name of 'Ecoleen', organic waste is excellently converted using ultrafast technology. Compost, which is generated after conversion finds usage in the development of healthy and organic foods, when added in the soil. Ecoleen, without doubt is a great answer to solve the issue of wet organic waste as it performs the recycling process of organic waste to compost in a brilliant manner.

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